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DomainProject IDProject NameYearAbstract
Digital Image Processing DIP/001 Comparative study Between HDLs Simulation And Matlab For Image Processing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/002 Mammographic Image Based Possibilistic ontological representation 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/003 Detection Of Unhealthy Plant Leaves Using Image Processing And Genetic Algorithm With Arduino 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/004 A Secure Tunable-Precision Architecture for Image Processing Applications 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/005 Tuberculin Skin Test Checker Using Digital Image Processing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/006 Dates Maturity Status and Classification using Image Processing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/007 An Image Processing Technique for Coffee Black Beans Identification 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/008 Design of biometric recognition software based on image processing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/009 Comparative study Between HDLs Simulation And Matlab For Image Processing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/010 Quality Assessment of Thai Rice Kernels Using Low Cost Digital Image Processing System 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/011 Compressive Online Robust Principal Component Analysis Via n-`1 Minimization 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/012 FFDNet: Toward a Fast and Flexible Solution for CNN based Image Denoising 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/013 Simultaneously Discovering and Localizing Common Objects in Wild Images 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/014 Learning a Patch Quality Comparator for Single Image Dehazing 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/015 Mutual Learning Between Saliency and Similarity: Image Cosegmentation via Tree Structured Sparsity and Tree Graph Matching 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/016 Eye Fixation Assisted Video Saliency Detection via Total Variation-based Pairwise Interaction 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/017 Dynamic Match Kernel with Deep Convolutional Features for Image Retrieval 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/018 3D Face Reconstruction with Geometry Details from a Single Image 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/019 Sequential Video VLAD: Training the Aggregation Locally and Temporally 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/020 Luminance Enhancement and Detail Preservation of Images and Videos Adapted to Ambient Illumination 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/021 Deep Blur Mapping: Exploiting High-Level Semantics by Deep Neural Networks 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/022 Exploiting color volume and color difference for salient region detection 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/023 Robust Multi-Frame Super-Resolution Based on Spatially Weighted Half-Quadratic Estimation and Adaptive BTV Regularization 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/024 USEAQ: Ultra-fast Superpixel Extraction via Adaptive Sampling from Quantized Regions 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/025 Criteria to evaluate the fidelity of image enhancement by MSRCR 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/026 Bayesian Inversion Technique Of Olive Tree Biophysical Properties Using Sentinel-2 Images 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/027 Detection of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling Using The Alpha Blending Fusion Technique of Sea Surface Chlorophyll Images and Sea Surface Temperature Images 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/028 Comparison Study for Computer Assisted Detection and Diagnosis ‘CAD’ systems Dedicated to Prostate Cancer Detection Using MRImp Modalities 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/029 Optimization of bone SPECT image reconstruction based on a hybrid framework 2018-2019
Digital Image Processing DIP/030 Locality sensitive hashing based space partitioning approach for indexing multidimensional feature vectors of fingerprint image data 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/001 Test Suite for SoC Interconnect Verification 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/002 Multiple Reset Domains Verification Using Assertion Based Verification 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/003 Ultra-low Power QRS Detection using Adaptive Thresholding based on Forward Search Interval Technique 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/004 A Review Paper on Multiplier Algorithms for VLSI Technology 2
VLSI Projects VLSI/005 Low Cost VLSI Architecture for Proposed Adiabatic Offset Encoder and Decoder 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/006 Analysis of Optimization Techniques for Low Power VLSI Design 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/007 High Speed VLSI Architecture for Squaring Binary Numbers Using Yavadunam Sutra and Bit Reduction Technique 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/008 Design of Improved Distributed Canny Edge Detection Algorithm (IDCEDA) and its VLSI Implementations 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/009 A Low Power VLSI Implementation of Reconfigurable FIR Filter Using Carry Bypass Adder 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/010 Enhanced VLSI Architecture of Partial Product Generator using Redundant Binary Modified Partial Product Generator Method 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/011 A review article of SDRAM design with necessary criteria of DDR controller 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/012 An Oversampling Stochastic ADC Using VCO-Based Quantizers 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/013 A Novel Hybrid Delay Unit Based on Dummy TSVs for 3-D On-Chip Memory 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/014 A High Speed and Power Efficient Voltage Level Shifter for Dual Supply Applications 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/015 Comparison between FPGA implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform and Dual Tree Complex wavelet Transform in Verilog HDL 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/016 FPGA implementation of Dual Tree Complex wavelet Transform in Verilog HDL 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/017 Low Cost Multiple Bit Upset Correction in SRAM Based FPGA Configuration Using Erasure Code 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/018 A Novel approach for design of Real Time Traffic Control System using Verilog HDL 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/019 Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression Using Enhanced Half Ripple Carry Adder 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/020 Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression Using Enhanced Half Ripple Carry Adder 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/021 Performance Evaluation of Complex Multiplier Using Advance Algorithm 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/022 Survey On Power Optimization Techniques For Low Power VLSI Circuit In Deep Submicron Technology 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/023 Performance Analysis Of Multiplexer Using Low Power Techniques 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/024 Reliability-Aware Test Methodology for Detecting Short-Channel Faults in On-Chip Networks 2018-2019
VLSI Projects VLSI/025 INVITED: A Modular Digital VLSI Flow for High-Productivity SoC Design 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES001 Bore well rescue robot. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES002 Ivrs-for-three-phase-motor-control-using-gsm-with-android-application. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES003 Single phase motor parameter monitoring. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES004 Solar assisted advance smart home automation. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES005 Accident detection and traffic light control. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES006 Accident-indication-by-using-gyroscope. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES007 Hand-gesture-based-transportation-system. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES008 Multi-functional-monitoring-system-to-forestall-causalities. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES009 Navigation-system-for-multi-floor-positioning-using-mems. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES010 Air-pollution-monitoring-system-using-wireless communication. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES011 Fault analysis of a distribution system embedded with plug-in electric vehicles. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES012 Advance automatic breaking system for vehicle. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES013 Gesture-identification-using-sensors. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES014 Pollution-monitoring-and-alert-system-inside-a-car. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES015 Smart motorcycle security system. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES016 Smart transportation security system. 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES017 A low power IOT network for smart agriculture 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES018 Automatic plant watering system 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES019 Design architecture of autonomous precision farming system 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES020 Air quality monitor – a review 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES021 A review paper on effective agriculture monitoring system using IOT 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES022 Modern irrigation system used in agriculture 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES023 Precision agriculture through internet of things 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES024 Sms flood alerting system in flood affected area 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES025 Online farming based on embedded systems and wireless sensor networks 2018-2019
Embedded Projects ES026 Smart farming—a prototype for field monitoring and automation in agriculture 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES042 Accident alert using IOT and android application 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES027 Arduino-based-water-billing-system-for-domestic-purpose 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES028 Aurdino-based-advanced-irrigation-system-using-gsm-and-solar-energy 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES029 Automated-toll-booth-system-using-rfid 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES030 Controlling-of-home-appliances-using-voice-command 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES031 Four-quadrant-dc-motor-speed-control-using-arduino 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES032 Motion-sensor-for-security-light-using-pir-sensor 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES033 Performance-enhancement-of-solar-pv-panels-by-using-low-cost-water-jet-system-at-giet-gunupur 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES034 Secure-speech-controlled-robot-using-matlab-and-arduino 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES035 The-developement-of-automatic-fish-feeder-system-using-arduino-uno 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES036 Voice controlled wheelchair using avr 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES037 An arduino based accident prevention and identification system for vehicles 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES038 Arduino based battlefield assistive robot 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES039 Compact low-cost arduino-based buoy for sea surface wave Measurements 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES040 development of automatic chicken feeder using arduino uno 2018-2019
Arduino Projects ES041 Digital controlled buck converter using arduino microcontroller for low power application 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES043 Design-and-implementation-of-IOT-based-integrated-model-for-warehouse-inventory-management-and-environment-monitoring 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES044 Heart-attack-detection-by-heartbeat-sensing-using-internet-of-things-IOT 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES045 Internet-of-things-in-home-automation-by-sing-wi-fi-technology 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES046 Research-and-design-of-embedded-vehicle-monitoring-system-based-on-web-technology 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES047 An IOT based human healthcare system Using arduino uno board 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES048 IOT based greenhouse environment monitoring and controlling system using arduino platform 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES049 Smart-server-IOT-based-temperature-monitoring-system 2018-2019
Internet of Things ES050 IOT based low cost system for monitoring of water quality in real time 2018-2019